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On Wisconsin

There is nowhere in the world we’d rather be than right here in Wisconsin.

From the icy shores of Lake Superior to the bustling metropolis of Madison, the roaring Mississippi river to the idyllic paradise of Door County, we’re happiest when we're in the Badger State.

We have traveled the state together and learned about a lot of fun places along the way.

In 2018, our mission was to explore as many Wisconsin State Parks as we could, while giving them the attention and appreciation they all deserve.

It was that experience that inspired us to start writing about our travels, and hopefully will inspire you to begin a Wisconsin adventure of your own!


We're Brett and Breanna!

We live in Central Wisconsin with our fur-children and enjoy traveling Wisconsin in our free time! Breanna is a Wisconsin native, a born and raised cheesehead. Brett hails from the eastern land of Michigan, but much of his childhood and all of his adult life has been in the Badger State (though he's still proudly/sadly a Wolverines Fan...). We got married in 2016 and since then have visited every corner of Wisconsin.

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